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As an ADHD Student Coach, I love having somewhere to refer families to where the providers are so incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring. Timely dagnosis and prompt treatment of ADHD is so important and the medical providers at Focus of Tampa Bay are simply the best! It’s imoritant to find someone who truly understands the intricacies of ADHD treatment and they really do.

Also, as a mom of two children, I asked April to test both of mine to see how well their medication was working and got valuable data to take to their doctor. I highly recommend Focus on Tampa Bay for ADHD! Glad they are in our community!

Norrine R.

ADHD Student Coach and Parent

Focus of Tampa Bay has been of amazing help! I had trouble finding someone who could do the adult adhd testing and I was put on a several month waiting list for a different one but then I stumbled upon April's site. They were able to book me for an appointment the next week after I called. After receiving treatment for my ADHD my school grades have went back up and my overall productivity and focus seems to be finally normal!

Blake L.


FTB is awesome! They are committed from the very first evaluation through treatment and beyond. They make understanding ADHD and the impact it can have on clients and their families easy to understand. FTB takes time to understand the clients history, explains all test results and provides a clear path forward for the best possible outcome for both client & family. Gold Star care!

Heather M.

Mother of Patient

I was always an A student in school, but I noticed that I was also slower than my peers when it came to completing tasks for school, such as doing assigned readings or writing essays. I always knew that I worked differently, but did not know why. Once I got to law school, it was very difficult to keep up with my classes, and I decided that I needed to figure out what was happening.


I saw April and she recommended that I take the Quotient test. I sat down with her afterwards and she explained the results. It turns out I have pretty serious ADHD and was only able to get through school because I had more time to do what I needed to do. Having untreated ADHD in law school, which requires an enormous amount of work, I was at a disadvantage, and my grades and confidence suffered. 


Once I started treating my ADHD, my life changed completely. I was able to do my work much quicker because I was able to focus for long periods of time. Not only did I have time to do my work, but I also had time to relax. Taking the Quotient test was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and being able to discuss my diagnosis, concerns, and treatment with such a knowledgeable medical professional made all the difference.

Carol C.


My son had struggled in school for years (academically he was fine, behaviorally he would act out, anger easily, become extremely distracted, he couldn't stay on task, he had problems sitting through class, etc.) and as a result his self-esteem and self-confidence was lacking. In addition to that "I" was becoming very frustrated and angered by the negative feedback I was continuously receiving about him. After the results of his Quotient test, April explained how the medications worked and alleviated any fears I had about the process. The difference in my son has been night and day. The Quotient test really gave me peace of mind in this process. I could “see” in black and white the results of his testing and I felt secure in my decision to proceed with medication. Without April’s guidance and knowledge, none of this would have been possible. My son’s life has literally been changed for the better because of her.

Sandi S.

Mother of Patient


What a great experience during a very difficult time. April Green was fantastic with our family. She clearly explained the testing, office procedures and pricing prior to our visit. She offered suggestions and additional testing that had never been offered to us before. She was able to connect with my teen and made sure he was an active participant in the planning. Highly recommend.

Dori W.

Mother of Patient

I highly recommend Focus of Tampa Bay. April Green is extremely knowledgeable and patient and gave generously of her time. She took special care to help my son to feel at ease and shared valuable insights and resources to help to deepen my understanding regarding some of the issues we are facing. Her follow up was amazing as well. Thank you, April!

Wendy K.

Mother of Patient

April is so patient and kind and truly wants the best for her patients! She has been doing this type of testing for years, so she is so good at it and really knows how to understand and interpret the results. Highly recommend April and Focus of Tampa Bay!

Andrea B.


I lived through a life changing experience and it all began with taking a simple 15 to 20-minute test. The results changed my perception on the ADHD diagnosis. Had I not taken that test, I don’t know what would have happened with my academic/athletic career. I am just glad I took the Quotient test. I am forever grateful for everyone that has helped and supported me through this journey.

Luis C.


I had an AMAZING experience at Focus of Tampa Bay, from scheduling with Carla to being seen by April Green. Seeing new providers is usually nerve-racking, but April is super attentive, knowledgeable and thorough.

Stephanie R.


My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD by April with our first visit. We have seen many specialists up to seeing April and are so grateful in having the right diagnosis now. April is very attentive and has been wonderful to work with.

Julie E.


April is always incredibly responsive. It’s refreshing to find someone that wants to know and understand the individual, not just go by a text book. April has been a Godsend for us in helping our son with ADHD and ODD.


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