Services and Pricing

We currently accept credit cards, cash and checks at the time that services are provided. We do not accept health insurance as this allows for more time spent during the appointments, with approximately 90 minutes spent together during a new patient evaluation and 20-30 minutes during follow up visits. We are also available to our patients as often as needed between appointments. Additional services not listed here are available, including parent consultation, second opinions, and ADHD education. Telehealth visits are available as well. Please email or call the office with any questions.  

ADHD Evaluation for Children and Young

Adults | $350

Ages 6-21 


Comprehensive ADHD evaluation, which includes computerized  testing, standardized behavior rating scales, request for blood work and other diagnostic tests as needed, diet and nutrition recommendations, resources for other services, and extensive time to answer all of your questions. 

ADHD Evaluation for

Adults | $350

Ages 21-60

Comprehensive ADHD evaluation, which includes computerized  testing, standardized rating scales, clinical interview, request for lab work if indicated, supplement and nutrition recommendations, and education. Referral to a provider for treatment will be provided if needed. We do not treat adults in this practice.  

Follow-Up Visits | $125

With Computer Testing | $175

Ages 6-21+ 

Established Patients

Follow-up visits for continued treatment planning and assessment of response to interventions, including medication management. 

ADHD Computer Testing Only | $175

Ages 6-60

ADHD computerized testing as requested by your physician. Immediate review of results. Results provided to you and a comprehensive report sent to your physician for treatment planning.

Pharmacogenomic Testing | $399 


All Ages

Genetic testing obtained from a cheek swab will determine how your genes affect your body's response to certain medications, including those used to treat ADHD. The results allow us to choose the safest and most effective medication and dose.   

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