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We are an ADHD practice with a monthly membership fee. We do not accept health insurance as this allows for more time spent during appointments, with approximately 90 minutes spent together during a new patient evaluation and 20-30 minutes during follow up visits. Please email or call the office with any questions.  

Lifestyle counseling

Comprehensive Evaluations | $399-$499

Ages 4-60 
Comprehensive ADHD evaluation, which includes computerized  testing (starting at age 6), standardized behavior rating scales, request for blood work and other diagnostic tests as needed, diet and nutrition recommendations, complimentary consultation with an ADHD coach, resources for other services, and extensive time to answer all of your questions. 

$399 if diagnosis already established or under 6 years of age. 60 min visit without computer testing. 

Fees include the 1st month of services with our practice.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

ADHD Management | $79 per month

Ages 4-60

  • In-office and telehealth appointments

  • Unlimited phone calls with your healthcare provider

  • Direct email communication with office staff and your healthcare provider

  • Secure text messaging with office staff and your healthcare provider

  • Medication refills sent within 24 business hours (Monday through Friday)

  • Annual ADHD computer testing, if needed

  • Forms, authorizations, and letters 

  • Collaboration with schools, counselors, psychiatrists, and academic coaches


Computer Testing Only | $249

Ages 6-60

ADHD computerized testing as requested by your physician as part of their evaluation. Immediate review of results. Results provided to you and a comprehensive report sent to your physician for treatment planning. Computer testing alone is not sufficient to diagnose ADHD.

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Pharmacogenomic Testing | cost varies based on insurance 

Genetic testing obtained from a cheek swab will determine how your genes affect your body's response to certain medications, including those used to treat ADHD. The results allow us to choose the safest and most effective medication and dose.   

*for existing patients of the practice only.

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ADHD Coaching | Packages vary 


ADHD Coaching with Chey Miller, M.Ed. is a valuable service that can help you gain knowledge, tools, and strategies to navigate the challenges of life with ADHD.

  • ADHD Parent Coaching

  • Life Coaching for Adults with ADHD

  • Group Coaching

  • In office and video appts.

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