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Whether you're an individual living with ADHD, a parent, caregiver, teacher, or simply someone looking to learn more, we've curated a comprehensive list of resources to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with ADHD.

Resourceful Websites
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Understood for learning and attention issuse
Book Recommendations
Getting Ahead of ADHD book
Finally Focused book
Taking Charge of ADHD 4th ed book
Smart but Scattered book
What your ADHD child wishes you knew book
Smart but scattered teens book
Your Defiant Child book
Pareting a Child with ADHD book
Driven to Distraction book
Professional Grade Supplements
  • 20% discount on all supplements.

  • Recommendations will be made based on individual lab results. 

  • Most common supplements to support ADHD include:

    • vitamin D

    • vitamin B12

    • iron

    • magnesium

    • fish oil

    • zinc

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