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Find Your Focus

 With Personalized ADHD Management

We are a concierge healthcare practice offering comprehensive ADHD evaluations & treatment for children and adults serving Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Services are provided in office and through telemedicine visits.

We are a concierge healthcare practice offering comprehensive ADHD evaluations & treatment for children and adults serving Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Services are provided in office and through telemedicine visits.

Research studies suggest that untreated ADHD can impact:


School and Work Performance

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Mental Health

(low self-esteem, anxiety,



Relationships (marital difficulties, poor parent-child interactions)


 Likelihood of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Our Services Include:

ADHD Evaluations 


Computer-based Testing


ADHD Treatment


Our Mission

To improve the lives of those affected by ADHD by providing comprehensive, evidence-based evaluations and treatment led by a team of compassionate, dedicated and experienced medical professionals.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted, leading healthcare center in Tampa Bay exclusively dedicated to the treatment of ADHD in children and adults.

About Our Founder

April Green, APRN is the owner and founder of Focus of Tampa Bay and is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She has 12 years of clinical experience caring for children, adolescents, and young adults with ADHD, which began in 2010 while working in a prominent pediatric neurology practice in South Tampa. During that time Ms. Green developed a special interest in ADHD management, specifically in working closely with families in establishing proper diagnoses, creating comprehensive treatment plans, and providing guidance and counseling related to social, emotional, behavioral, and educational impacts of the condition.

Owner, April Green

Our Difference

At Focus of Tampa Bay, we are dedicated to providing better access to quality ADHD care. We are a concierge ADHD practice with over 25 years of combined experience treating ADHD. Our compassionate, dedicated team is here to provide personalized ADHD management in-person and online.

Services and Pricing

We are a concierge ADHD practice with a monthly membership fee. New patient evaluations can be completed without signing up for concierge services. We do not accept health insurance as this allows for more time spent during appointments, with approximately 90 minutes spent together during a new patient evaluation and 20-30 minutes during follow up visits. Please email or call the office with any questions.  

ADHD Evaluation

Ages 4-60 

Comprehensive ADHD evaluation, which includes computerized  testing (starting at age 6), standardized behavior rating scales, request for blood work and other diagnostic tests as needed, diet and nutrition recommendations, complimentary consultation with an ADHD coach, resources for other services, and extensive time to answer all of your questions. 

Fees include the 1st month of services with our practice.

ADHD Management

Ages 6-60 

  • In-office and telehealth appointments

  • Phone calls with your healthcare provider

  • Direct email communication with office staff and your healthcare provider

  • Secure text messaging with office staff and your healthcare provider

  • Annual ADHD computer testing, if needed

  • Forms, authorizations, and letters 

  • Collaboration with schools, counselors, psychiatrists, and academic coaches

ADHD Computer Testing Only

 Ages 6-60 

ADHD computerized testing as requested by your physician as part of their evaluation. Immediate review of results. Results provided to you and a comprehensive report sent to your physician for treatment planning. Computer testing alone is not sufficient to diagnose ADHD.

ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching is a valuable tool that helps you gain knowledge, tools, and strategies to navigate the challenges of life with ADHD.

  • ADHD Parent Coaching

  • Life Coaching for Adults with ADHD

  • Group Coaching

  • In-office and telehealth appointments


Dori W

What a great experience during a very difficult time. April Green was fantastic with our family. She clearly explained the testing, office procedures and pricing prior to our visit. She offered suggestions and additional testing that had never been offered to us before. She was able to connect with my teen and made sure he was an active participant in the planning. Highly recommend.

Focus of Tampa Bay has been of amazing help! I had trouble finding someone who could do the adult adhd testing and I was put on a several month waiting list for a different one but then I stumbled upon April's site. They were able to book me for an appointment the next week after I called. After receiving treatment for my ADHD my school grades went back up and my overall productivity and focus seems to be finally normal!

I highly recommend Focus of Tampa Bay. April Green is extremely knowledgeable and patient and gave generously of her time. She took special care to help my son to feel at ease and shared valuable insights and resources to help to deepen my understanding regarding some of the issues we are facing. Her follow up was amazing as well. Thank you, April!

Blake L

Wendy K


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