Quotient ADHD System

The Quotient® ADHD System is an FDA-cleared device that objectively measures three core symptoms of ADHD: hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity. Based on research from the McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate, this system uses advanced motion tracking technology to track your micromovements while you complete a computerized test that takes between 15-20 minutes.


After the test is completed, patterns of motion, accuracy of the responses, and fluctuations in attention state are quickly analyzed and scored. This information can provide valuable insights into both the existence of ADHD-related deficits and the severity of those deficits and can be used to help guide treatment planning, including diagnosis and medication management.

When to test with Quotient


Initially to aid with diagnosis and to quantify the severity of symptoms


During medication initiation and dosing changes to ensure efficacy


Periodically while off medication to determine the need for continued treatment


When the school system requires supplemental testing to support educational accommodations

Compare Quotient Test Results of a Child With ADHD vs. a Child Without ADHD

Data collected from the advanced motion tracking system captures motor activity for the entire test, providing a sensitive measure of developmental deficits.

Child With ADHD

Child Without ADHD

Attention State Analysis Provides Deeper Insights

With Quotient’s patented Attention State Analysis, it is possible to follow moment to moment changes in the patient’s ability to pay attention. Low overall attention and frequent shifts between attention states within a test are highly correlated with ADHD. Through analytical algorithms, Quotient can also show what happens when the patient is not attentive. Do they fall into an “impulsive” state, are they distracted, or are they totally disengaged?

Child With ADHD

Child Without ADHD

Scores communicate the likelihood and relative severity of the disorder

Quotient reports provide a variety of scores to help understand the patient’s unique profile. The ADHD System Index and composite Scaled Scores show the comparison between the current test and age and gender matched norms to determine the presence and severity of deficits in neurobehavioral performance relevant to ADHD

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